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10 Things about good and not good programmers

Good Developer
1. In-depth Understanding of programming language 
2. Think in code / programming / logical way
3. Write simple code that other programmers can understand 
4. Don't hesitate to delete the code
5. Experiment new tools and techniques
6. Always have side project for trials
7. Pursuit for perfect code
8. Think about flexibility 
9. Develop own tools 
10. Write Blog about their work

Not good Developer
1. Poor understanding of programming language 
2. Poor analytical and logical skills
3. Write unstructured, unorganised and ugly code
4. Never discuss about technical stuff with friends and colleague
5. Lack of self upgrade 
6. Unable to think about interlinked code (normally open more bugs when fix one )
7. Don't care about optimisation and memory management
8. Locked in stereo type of coding 
9. They complete Tasks only
10. They will wait until the 100% details are available.

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